My name is Julio Cesar but most know me as JCZR. I create things (like this website) and design beautiful sounds.

I place my deepest emotions, desires, ideas, visions, manifestations, and more all encompassed by sounds and patterns from my soul into My Music. I believe that music heals. I believe that sounds and frequencies alter and make up our reality. I believe in the story I am telling. Unless explicitly mentioned, I personally compose, produce, write, record, mix, and master all of my music.

I created the Songwriter Pro app with my best friend to help artists better express themselves.

I shared the belief of making the world smaller at the age of 17 with another super-genius. Together we created daytoday, an organized platform of shared human experience all over the world. His travel and journey allowed us to create our first experience together with his Art of Life series.

I'm happy you're here. Reach out to me if you'd like, otherwise, feel free to take a look around.